Terms and Conditions

No hidden costs!

Macedonian car rental  – DALAS KAR. We offer the best passenger vehicles and vans of different class. Our vehicles are not more than 4 years old and they have all been undergone thorough road compliance inspection.

The vehicles are fully equipped with air conditioning, central locking system, airbag, ABS, electric windows and the remaining pieces of equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, triangle, wheel lock keys etc). All our vehicles are insured, and have third party liability cover.

Requirements for the renting parties:

The person renting a vehicle should be at a minimum 20 years of age, with a valid personal identification document – passport and a driver license, with a minimum of one year driving experience).

The vehicle may be driven only by persons authorized with a Rental Agreement. We do not charge additionally for a second driver, but still, we ask our clients to bring it to our attention in the event that there is a second driver, so that we may add that person in the agreement. Foreign clients may drive in Macedonia on the basis of their driver licenses issued in their countries provided that the information on the license is in Latin script. 

Rental terms and conditions:

Our vehicles are rented from our center in Skopje or from the Skopje Airport.

At a client’s request, we may bring the vehicle to any location within the borders of Republic of Macedonia and charge additionally for it.

If a rented vehicle is not returned to one of the two locations mentioned above, or a returned to another location is not agreed, we charge additionally EUR 0.40 per kilometer driven.

After the agreement is signed, the vehicle is checked and if notice is taken of any irregularities, it is included as an annex to the agreement.

Upon the return of the vehicle, a company employee inspects the vehicle and if any uncovered damage is caused by the client is noticed, the value of the damage shall be deducted from the initial deposit. 

Driving abroad:

We offer vehicles that can be driven abroad, in all EU countries and Turkey.

If you want to rent one of our vehicles to drive it outside the borders of Republic of Macedonia, we will ask you for an additional deposit that we will return to you after the expiry of the agreement. If the client intends to drive the vehicle abroad, s/he will need to notify the agency as early as possible so that we can prepare the required documentation.

Driver license:

Clients may rent and drive our vehicles with their local driver licenses (no international driver license is required),provided that the text on the license is in Latin script.

Technical problems:

The vehicles that we make available for rental are maintained regularly and kept in a very good technical condition. Nonetheless, technical problems may appear. In such cases, the client shall contact the agency on our emergency numbers provided in the rental agreement.

If it is a minor problem and the vehicle is in a driving condition, we may ask the clients to take the vehicle to the nearest service station so that the problem can be solved. After the expiry of the rental period, we will ask the client to furnish us with an invoice for the repair costs and pay the full amount stated on the invoice. If a major technical problem appears, we will immediately send a service vehicle along with a similar replacement vehicle. 

In the event of an accident:

The first thing should you do is call the numbers provided in the agreement. You should then call the police (tel. no: +389 2 192) and ask them to come and make a report. We need the report as evidence. Without the report the third party insurance is not valid!


All our prices are listed in EUR.

Rental period is 24 hours from the moment the vehicle is rented. If the return is delayed for 1 up to 3 hours for valid reasons, no additional amount is charged. In case of 5+ hours delay, 100% of the amount is charged, i.e. it counts as another day of vehicle rental.

Our weekend rate covers the period between 12:00 on Friday until 09:00 Monday morning.

Monthly rate is valid for 30 days.

Minimum rental period is 24 hours.

The price includes:

– the highest rate third party insurance cover

– theft insurance

– comprehensive vehicle insurance

Deposit return:

You should leave an initial deposit in cash or credit card guaranteed for each vehicle you rent. We will return the deposit upon the return of the vehicle.


Our vehicles are insured against theft and damages caused by third parties.

We recommend that you pay the limited liability charge, which is between EUR 1 to 8 per day, depending on the model. In this case the renting party is liable for damages they may cause in the amount of the deposit limit.


Insurance against damages is not valid in the following cases:

The vehicle is driven by a driver who was under influence of alcohol or drugs.

If an accident has happened and there is no police report about it.

If the renting party allows a vehicle to be driven by a person who is not authorized to drive the vehicle or if the person holds no driver license.

If the tiers are damages not as a result of fire or traffic accident.

If the renting party intentionally damages the vehicle or the interior of the vehicle.



The vehicle is left unlocked.

The vehicle is left without the alarm turned on.

The vehicle is left with the documents inside.

(If the vehicle has a sound system with a removable front panel) the vehicle is left and the front panel is not removed. 


Please make sure that you read the agreement thoroughly and understand the clauses. Should you have any questions, call our representative for detailed explanations.